Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Hundred Fifty Years of Finger Prints

The very first time I stepped foot in this old house these stairs warmed my heart. Sounds silly I know, but I could picture the many children that must have raced up and down them with dirty little hands skimming the walls. I then imagined my own children racing up and down them with friends and neighbors tagging close behind. It was these stairs and the four rooms at the top of them that we tackled first, the winter we moved in.
After months of hard work and all three children sleeping in the living room amongst boxes piled high, I can finally say that all three of them are now upstairs sleeping snugly in their beds.
Wishing you all a blessed New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

One year ago!

Hello all! It was one year ago that we moved from our comfortable ranch home into this run down old farmhouse. Follow along as I start from the beginning of our journey. Share with us the many ups and downs as my handy hubby and I fix up this farmhouse one room at a time. We have plans to add some farm animals into the mix too. I hope to make some new friends and reconnect with some old ones too! I will apologize ahead of time for my rusty blogging skills. :) I have been away for quite awhile, but I am so excited to be back!!